Training, frequently the single most overlooked aspect to successful control systems integration.  There are many fine training programs available from various hardware manufacturers and they provide classes on specific groups of hardware or software.  Unfortunately they don’t address your application and specific hardware and software used.  Training customized for your application is frequently less expensive, especially when sending personnel off-site and all of the scheduling issues involved.

Key Benefits

bullet Application specific training eliminates all but the areas critical to your application.
bullet Training programs can be effective with one attendee or a larger group.
bullet The training package, once presented, is yours and may be reviewed over and over again.


At MCAutomation, analysis of your training requirements and goals is the first step in developing an effective program.  Application specific training is by far the best route to take although training on specific hardware / software combinations used throughout the facilities can be effective.  When developing a program for plant wide hardware / software combinations it is important to review what capabilities have been utilized and focus on those, if there are areas which personnel need to ‘grow into’ that too may be integrated into the training program.

Developing Application Specific Training Programs
Training programs targeted at the integrated control system can be the most effective.  Maintenance personnel can learn all of the details of their system, as it was installed and commissioned.  This approach leads to independence from the integrator as a sole resource for support and service.
Developing Hardware / Software Specific (Plant Wide) Training Programs
Hardware and / or software specific training programs are very similar to what manufacturers present.  However, MCAutomation finds it more successful in training your personnel the features utilized in your applications – if your not using a feature of the controller why waste time and money teaching someone about it.
Maintaining Plant Personnel Skills Through Continuing Programs
Well designed equipment and processes lead to your plant personnel losing their acquired knowledge through the lack of application.  The better the line runs, the fewer times they need to look into the control system.  Refresher courses or simply reviewing the training program several times per year goes a long way towards minimizing downtime issues when something does go wrong.
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