Support of any control system requires to ability to listen and the ability to find several ways to answer a question.   Communications via phone, fax, email, or in person is the key to successful support.  The goal of MCAutomation is not to establish a support structure but to establish an application on a solid foundation and assuring the customer has enough knowledge to handle most problems.  Relying on someone that may be minutes to weeks away isn’t the best way to run a business.  MCAutomation is not striving for long term support contracts, customers being able to support themselves is a primary goal in any application undertaken.

It is expected that questions will come up, at MCAutomation, support is prioritized along the following lines:

1.    Applications running production, were lost production is possible, will always take priority.

2.    Applications in the Implementation phase.

3.    Systems in the development phase.

4.    Systems being proposed (ranking lowest on the priority list).

Understanding the above list of priorities will hopefully allow you to understand why proposals can and will be late.  At MCAutomation, the existing applications are more important than a future project.

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