Programming services is the mainstay of MCAutomation.  With over twenty-four years experience in control systems design and programming in the various areas detailed below, MCAutomation offers extensive project responsibility.


Programming services covering a wide range of equipment and applications.  All systems integration work requires the ability to work with various programmable controllers.  MCAutomation also has specialties in areas including Human-Machine Interface, Motion Control, Industrial Control Networks, and Data Acquisition / Collection systems.

Programmable Controller Programming:
Experience with various brands of controllers with the majority of work being with the Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation product line.  Whether a small, micro, system with a hand full of I/O points or a large distributed system with thousands of I/O points, both discrete and higher level.
Single processor systems to coordinated systems involving many controllers with various communication requirements to accomplish the goal.
Additional experience with Wago PFC controllers for data acquisition applications.
Human-Machine Interface Programming:
The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) field has grown considerably in the past ten years.  Working with both dedicated terminal (such as the Allen-Bradley PanelView line) or PC-Based packages such as RSView32 from Rockwell Software or WonderWare.  The ability to present usable data to operations is becoming a key focal point to successful applications.
Motion Control Programming:
This area has become of considerable importance to the Packaging Room environment.  For many industries, the packaging room is the final step of the process and typically has the greatest number of bottlenecks and limitations.  Motion control in conjunction with improved equipment designs are permitting control of product throughout the packaging arena – the net result is typically improved throughput.  System experience has included both Servo and Stepper control with various manufacturers, again, most experienced with Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation products, including SERCOS and the various Kinetix platforms.
Industrial Control Networks, Configuration and Programming:
Having worked with a variety of industrial control networks including Allen-Bradley Data Highway / Data Highway Plus, Remote I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus, and EthernetIP.  Integration of multiple manufacturer’s hardware is a key to successful integration in a majority of today’s control systems.  From coordination of control requirements to data collection needs, integration of various components in a control system via the various Industrial Control Networks permits the highest level of success and eases issues with maintenance of the control systems.
Data Acquisition / Collection / Presentation:
Whether through an HMI package such as FactoryTalk View / Wonderware or through a dedicated data acquisition package such as I/Gear, data acquisition is becoming an increasingly important technology.  An ongoing part of the process improvement equation is the increasing need for data on system performance, this is where the data acquisition / collection area starts shining.  Whether you need a slower five (5) to ten (10) minute sampling or measuring events in fractions of a second, consider some of today’s hardware and software packages for your data collection problem.
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